Arena & Horse Care Intern - Hands of Promise Campus

Treasure Valley - Caldwell

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Position Description

Who You Are: You are passionate and have a heart for kids and animals, especially horses. You are compassionate about equine care. You are comfortable in building relationships through activities, and demonstrations.

As an intern, you will enjoy a service opportunity where Relationships are the foundation, where we are all Committed to the same mission, where Growth is always possible, where we are all treated with and show Compassion, where trust guides us to Transparency and above all, where Joy sustains us.

What You Will Do: Arena & Horse Care Intern will:
• Feed & water horses according to schedule. This can include manual labor as required – stacking hay.
• Turn horses out to pasture.
• Assist with routine animal care, observe horses/livestock for soundness or general health.
• Ensure clean and safe stalls. This can include manual labor as required – hauling manure.
• Be task oriented
• Enthusiasm and being a team player is a plus.
• Some horse/livestock experience is a plus
Arena & Horse Care Intern will learn:
• Proper care of horses
o Basic daily care
o Special feed supplements and medications
o Scheduling and observation of contracted service providers (vet, farrier, etc.)
o Indications of potential illness or injury
o Use and maintenance of equipment
• Role of horses in equine assisted psychotherapy
o Selection of appropriate horses for therapy sessions
o Horse use tracking & rest schedules
o Criteria for selecting horses for IYR herd
• Management of arena operations

What We Offer Back: Every intern contributes to the success of our mission. You can proudly tell your friends and family that every hour you spend serving with us helps provide accessible services to Idaho’s youth who need it most. You will also receive an awesome discount in our thrift stores, and serve in a caring and compassionate environment, where we are better together.

Why Unite With Us: The Idaho Youth Ranch is one of the oldest non-profit agencies in the state of Idaho. Interns help move our mission forward. We unite for Idaho’s youth by providing accessible programs and services that nurture hope, healing and resilience.

• Weekly (Monday – Friday, between 8am and 5pm).
• 2-4 hour shifts
• 1-5x a week (depending on intern’s schedule)
• Can accommodate Summer, Fall or Spring internships.

How: In order to intern for this opportunity, you will need to:
• Be at least 18 years old.
• Submit application
• Submit to a criminal background check
• Complete interview
• Comply with all Idaho Youth Ranch Volunteer Policies and Procedures

Type: Intern