Deep Clean - Group Opportunity - Hays House

Treasure Valley - Boise

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Position Description

Who: You are energetic, and have a positive attitude. You like to get things done. You want to assist our residents living in a clean, healthy environment.

What: Hays House is looking to fill an ongoing opportunity, once a month, for volunteers to assist them in the home with deep cleaning. A small to medium sized group would help with cleaning doors, windows, walls, baseboards, bathrooms and kitchen.

Why: Living in a healthy environment is a crucial part of the therapy of working with at-risk youth.

When: This opportunity can be flexible, but would work best during the week while the youth are in school, or weekend mornings when the kids are out of the house. This would be a monthly need, but you only need to sign up for the month your team wants to volunteer. It’s a great one time, quarterly, or annual opportunity for your team.

Where: Hays House: 7221 Poplar, Boise, 83704

How: In order to volunteer for this opportunity, you will need to:
• Be at least 21 years old.
• Sign a waiver of release and confidentiality agreement.

If this opportunity sounds like a great one for your team, please contact us at to become part of the promise