Residential Program Intern - Hays House

Treasure Valley - Boise

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Position Description

Who: You have begun training and education to become a helping professional. You are energetic, optimistic and a team player. You are knowledgeable about behavioral management strategies and want to gain hands on skills.

What: Residential Program Intern will:
• Provide support to program staff with resident orientation.
• Work with program staff to apply program philosophy practices in work with youth residents
• Learn and interact in accordance with program’s standards and procedures.
• Work with team members and residents to manage upkeep of the facility, equipment and other assets.
• Work alongside residents to teach them in proper ways of cleaning and maintaining their living environment and possessions.
• Apply techniques to be proactive in behavioral management to avoid or reduce crisis situations
• Be an overall support to the running of the program and team members.
• Attend weekly team meetings

You need:
• Valid, State Issued driver’s license
• To be at least 19 years of age
• To be able to keep up with physical demands that, depending on the internship setting, would include recreational and community work situations.

Why: You have the knowledge; you are ready to gain the skills! You want to help Idaho Youth Ranch achieve its goal of providing promising futures to its clients.

When: Depends on practicum requirements-

How: In order to intern for this position, you will need to:
- Submit application, cover letter and resume to
- Submit to a criminal background check
- Complete interview
- Complete orientation and training.
- Comply with all Idaho Youth Ranch Policies and Procedures

Type: Intern